Allagash Roof Rakes
Revolutionizing the way snow is removed from roof tops!
Roland Charette is a native of Fort Kent, Maine where snow is measured in feet not inches! He's been removing snow roof tops since he was a child and always thought there had to be a better, more efficient and less exhausting way to remove all that snow.

The tool Roland envisioned as he lifted and pushed tons of snow was a "snow removing roof rake" that would allow the snow to slide down effortlessly, letting gravity do the work.

The Allagash Roof Rake that Roland invented is more like a snow "slicer" than a shovel or rake. A blade with "wings" slides under the snow, loosening it, then it slides down a plastic slide. It is ingenious and nearly effortless to use! These roof rakes has been around for 25 years.
Push the roof rake Snow slides down
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Allagash Roof Rakes